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Look below and click on a class date link. This will create an email to send us your registration. Be sure to include name(s) of those attending, your company name and contact information. Your company will be sent an invoice for training fees.



If you have any questions feel free to contact our office:





Wage and hour law is much more than minimum wage and overtime. NAE's Jim Nelson and Rob Parker will discuss topics such as:

  • travel time,
  • permissible deductions,
  • internships,
  • homework/telecommuting,
  • meeting/training programs,
  • dual rates of pay in the same workweek and more.
arrow   Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Time:  10:00 am – 11:00 am

Fee:   NAE attendee is $59; non NAE member is $89.


SUPERVISORY SKILLS 101: The Fundamentals — New Class!

This class is not only designed for your current supervisors/managers but for those who may be slated for supervisory positions in the future! Topics include: discipline/discharge, workplace harassment, employment law, wage and hour, performance management, the hiring process and more.

NAE will offer to members the chance to send supervisors/managers to individual segments of our SS 101 program. Call us for more information on our “a la carte” program!!

arrow   June 7, 14, 21 28, and July 5, 2016  


Time: 8:30 a.m.—10:30 a.m.

Where: NAE, 8725 Technology Way, Suite A, Reno

Fee: $225/NAE member attendee, $325/non-member attendee. Send 2 attendees and the 3rd is free!


Topics include: effective communication, conflict resolution, team building and leadership. Class presenter is Larissa Faulkner.

arrow   September 8, 15, 22, & 29, 2016   

Four Consecutive Thursdays

Time: 8:30-10:30am  

Where: NAE, 8725 Technology Way, Suite A, Reno

Fee: $250/NAE member attendee; $350 non-NAE member.

Carson City Classes Added!

This is a unique leadership series for women based on academic research into women's experiences in the workplace. During the four-part series you will learn how perceptions of the effectiveness of women leaders is shaped by communication skills, leadership styles, presentation abilities and interpersonal skills. You will also discuss and practice tools and techniques to help you become more effective and successful in attaining your professional goals. The series is taught by Dr. Larissa Faulkner, who is a published researcher in the area of gender and communication. As a professor she has taught Gender and Communication and Gender in the Media courses at such places as the University of Iowa and McMaster University. During her career, she has worked with women all over North America to empower them to find their personal strengths and confidence as leaders.

Time: 8:30-10:30am  

RENO: NAE Offices, 8725 Technology Way, Suite A
CARSON CITY: Casino Fandango, 3800 Carson Street

Fee: $99/member attendee per class or $300 for the series; $129/non-member or $400 for the series.

Workshop 1: Women's Leadership Styles — Includes an assessment test of your personal leadership style and discussion of results, information about the latest research on perceptions and attitudes toward women leaders that can help shape leadership understanding and responses in different work contexts. Popular books and current media about today's top women leaders will be used to generate discussion.

arrow  Reno: Tuesday, August 2, 2016   
arrow  Carson City: Tuesday, August 4, 2016   

Workshop 2: Understanding Gendered Communication Styles — Men and women are likely to choose different interpersonal responses to the same problem or situation. Find out what these are and why this happens. Men and women also have different frameworks for measuring success of daily interactions. When these frameworks are understood, a more positive, focused workplace will result.

arrow  Reno: Tuesday, August 9, 2016   
arrow  Carson City: Thursday, August 11, 2016   

Workshop 3: Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Skills for Women — We know that women make less money than men at the same jobs, and there is considerable research to draw on to understand what happens when men and women are "at the table" in a negotiation. Women can learn more assertive negotiation skills and be more aware of their image as they negotiate for themselves, their employees, and their companies. Assertive and clear communication is also a requirement for handling conflict in the workplace in a productive manner. Strategies will be learned and practiced by group.

arrow  Reno: Tuesday, August 16,, 2016   
arrow  Carson City: Thursday, August 18, 2016   

Workshop 4: Career Development Techniques for Women Managers — Take control of your professional image inside and outside of your workplace. LinkedIn is an effective networking platform, and its features (not just your “profile”) will be explained and demonstrated. Visibility, expertise, and cooperation will be discussed as part of creating a tailored, professional career development plan based on research about women's preferences and styles.

arrow  Reno: Tuesday, August 23, 2016   
arrow  Carson City: Thursday, August 25, 2016