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Look below and click on a class date link. This will create an email to send us your registration. Be sure to include name(s) of those attending, your company name and contact information. Your company will be sent an invoice for training fees.



If you have any questions feel free to contact our office:





New Overtime Rules: Presented by Gaspar Montañez — U.S. Department of Labor District Director Montañez will discuss the new overtime rules that go into effect December 1st. Employers will hear about the new salary threshold rules and also have the opportunity to hear about current issues regarding wage and hour enforcement from the DOL. There will also be a Question and Answer period following the presentation.

Form I-9 Changes and Requirements: Presented by Jacqueline Longnecker — Jacquie will discuss what is expected from employers regarding the new I-9 form and self-audits, including how to implement an audit. Jacquie will delve into some common documents and how to identify if they are valid. There will also be a Question and Answer period so you can ask questions about any aspect of completing and managing the Form I-9.

Changes to 1094/1095-C: Presented by Lisa Slook — Lisa will review upcoming reporting deadlines and discuss changes to the 1094/1095-C forms per the Affordable Care Act. Topics will include available transition relief, who needs a 1095-C form and the new codes for 2016. There will be a question and answer period following the presentation.

Time: 8:30-Noon  

Fee: $49/members; $79/non-members

arrow  Wednesday, November 2, 2016   

Where: Convention Center Room A3, Reno

arrow  Thursday, November 3, 2016   

Where: Red Lion Inn, Elko


The Employer Shared Responsibility (Section 4980H) and Reporting Requirements (Section 6055/6056) under the Affordable Care Act are compliance nightmares. There are many layers, the whole process stinks and sometimes you just want to cry. Join Lisa Slook, CEO of 1095HelpDesk.com as she peels back the layers of the onion. Lisa brings a background in human resources, payroll and benefits to the ACA compliance world. She understands the life of an HR professional and works with clients to become an extension of their team.

This training is for Applicable Large Employers or ALE's. Not sure if this applies to you? If you have multiple businesses, a seasonal workforce, high turnover, union employees and/or are hovering around 50 employees you may need to comply with this mandate. Email info @ 1095HelpDesk.com and ask if the mandate applies to you!

Please email Gail or 775-329-4241 to sign up soon as space is limited.

arrow   Thursday, November 10, 2016   

Time: 9 am to 10am

Where: NAE, 8725 Technology Way, Suite A, Reno

Fee: $60/NAE member


Organizations need to hire employees who fit the requirements for job skills and also for values--workplace fit. This three-hour workshop will give managers the tools they need for preparing before the interview, managing the interview, and evaluating the results. This includes covering what questions are illegal to ask during the interview as well as preparing behavior-oriented questions that can be asked consistently of all job applicants. The STAR method of evaluating questions and a measure for ranking applicants will also be provided and explained. Using research, video clips and role playing, workshop attendees will take away valuable information and skills to ensure interview processes are legal, consistent, informative, and fair.

arrow   Tuesday, November 15, 2016   

Time: 9 am to Noon

Where: NAE, 8725 Technology Way, Suite A, Reno

Fee: $149/NAE member


We will be conducting a training class on supervisory reasonable suspicion testing. Tonica Lathrop will be the course instructor. She has almost 20 years of experience in managing employer alcohol and drug compliance programs and is a certified training instructor. The class also satisfies Federal DOT training requirements.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of employee alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Review new drugs of abuse – Salvia, K2, Spice, Bath Salts, Shake & Bake, CAT & Others
  • Document performance problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Conduct the corrective interview—practical and legal concerns.

arrow   Friday, December 2, 2016   

Time:  10 am to 11 am

Where:  NAE, 8725 Technology Way, Suite A, Reno

Fee:  $49/NAE member


Office ergonomics is fitting the environment to the worker by providing a workplace that's injury free, comfortable and productive. It can help lower stress and injury caused by incorrect placement of equipment, posture and repetitive tasks.

An ergonomic work station can:

  • Eliminate eye strain and headaches due to incorrect positioning of equipment
  • Prevent back, shoulder, elbow, wrist and neck strain
  • Reduce strains from repetitive motions

Class Objective:

  • Recognize risk factors (problems) at your computer workstation
  • Become familiar with basic solutions
  • Understand behavioral and administrative solutions
  • Utilize evaluation and workstation adjustment forms

arrow   Friday, December 9, 2016   

Time:  10 am to 11 am

Where:  NAE, 8725 Technology Way, Suite A, Reno

Fee:  $39/NAE member


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