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NAE Employee Opinion Surveys

Are Management & Workforce On The Same Wavelength?

A Business Report from Your Employees

Business professionals and managers utilize business reports to determine production schedules, marketing efforts, manpower needs, etc. It is standard practice to utilize financial statements to determine the financial health of an organization. What do you use to measure the management effectiveness of your leaders? How do you measure the success of management style and personnel policies? The Nevada Association of Employers’ Employee Opinion Survey is the Business Report from your employees that will allow you to evaluate your internal environment and management success.

Through this effective tool, companies can:

  • Evaluate management effectiveness and employee moral
  • Identify key organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Involve employees in continuous improvement
  • Plan cost effective corrective and/or preventative actions
  • Highlight opportunities to improve service, quality and productivity
  • Measure management credibility
  • Achieve improvements in internal communications & employee retention

What are the benefits of an EOS?

  • Identify areas of employee satisfaction or discontent
  • Shows company commitment to employees and recognition of their views

How do I know if my company should consider an EOS?

  • Employee turnover is high or morale is low
  • Long time employees are leaving
  • HR needs a “take a number” station
  • Customers are complaining or leaving you
  • Productivity is low or scraps are high
  • Meetings consume too much time
  • Projects are off schedule

The Survey Process:

  • Facilitated by NAE staff, on your premises and according to your schedule
  • Conducted and administered by NAE, an objective third party to assure employee confidentiality
  • Offers written feedback about employee attitudes and perceptions
  • Compare your company's results with national norms

Nevada Association of Employers acts as a private, impartial third party administrator of the survey, thereby encouraging open and honest opinions from your employees. We conduct the survey, compile the results, and provide your management team with recommendations for actions found necessary in the survey results.

To learn more about NAE’s Employee Opinion Survey, please contact us at 329.4241.