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Unemployment Insurance Claims Administration

Take advantage of the decades of experience NAE has in handling your company's unemployment insurance needs.  In addition to this service, NAE will prepare informative activity reports designed to provide you a comprehensive review on your U.I. activity on a quarterly basis.


NAE Claims Administration Services:

  • Receive all your U.I. claims and base period notices
  • Prepare all protests for contested claims
  • Respond to all ESD follow-up calls
  • Prepare and submit all appeals to unfavorable local office determinations

NAE Appeals Hearings Services:

  • Prepare your company for all appeals hearings
  • Be your in-person representative for all local appeals hearings
  • Write and submit appeals to unfavorable decisions to the Board of Review
  • Appear and argue on your behalf at Board of Review hearings

NAE Actuarial Services:

  • Receive, review and protest erroneous charges on quarterly charge statements
  • Receive, review and protest any errors on annual tax rate notice

During this difficult economic time when employers are required to do more with less, let NAE take away one of the more time-consuming HR burdens and do it in a highly professional manner.

For more information contact NAE at (775) 329-4241.